Since the beginning of the year, regional firms have been struggling with an increasing need to rebalance their talent mix between nationals and expatriates. A key issue associated with this talent rebalancing is managing turnover and promoting organizational commitment among expats.

  • How do we focus on what makes people want to stay, not just on what

drives them to leave?

  • How do we strengthen expats’ connections with their organizations and wider communities so that they are embedded in their jobs for the long-term?

As a research based advisory firm, we have been working with multiple clients in the region to navigate these changes, and believe it is imperative to share some of the key takeaways with the broader regional market.

In our first Research Brief of the year, Cultivating Commitment | Retaining Expat Talent in the UAE, we look at the key issue of managing turnover and promoting organizational commitment among expats. While we have focused on the UAE specifically (as it is the country with the highest ration of expats vs nationals), we recognize that this issue is relevant to organizations across the GCC region.

The full brief can be accessed via this link:

Towards the end of the Brief we have shared our Concepts in Action, which include a few recommendations on how to best approach this particular issue. We have deliberately generalized the recommendations presented here, with the understanding that the takeaways will require additional localization for both national, and organization-specific, conditions. Nevertheless, we believe readers will find that the elements presented here can readily support internal teams as they seek to develop and implement solutions towards Cultivating Commitment.

Christianna Tsiterou

Regional Lead EMEA

Bâton Global


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