43 days to 2014 – Your best Year Yet? Some Tips to Help You Set Your Goals with Mick Todd






Some Tips to Help You Set Your Goals offered to us by Mick Todd Director of  Coaching and Training at 2BLimitless based  in Dubai.

I am currently in the process with my clients (and myself) of reviewing my 2013 goals and setting my 2014 goals- the driver is creating ‘The Best Year Yet!’
This is a fantastic process and the key driver of success in my life.
This is a great process that involves deep reflection that has people walking away with the goals that will create the best year of their life.

I am completing my process at the moment and I thought I would share with you a couple of the key insights.
Every year I develop a paradigm to guide and focus my thinking…
2011 Contentment – Great life is about being at ease with yourself.
2012 Change – God never leaves you where he finds you; unless you insist.
2013 Control – Only focus on the things you can control and get real depth around these things.
2014 Growth – Change is inevitable, Growth is intentional.

My paradigm for next year has me focused on the growth of everything that is truly important to me.
The Guidelines to achieve this success have a depth of simplicity…
Family First
Actions motivated by goals.
Consistency around my core success rituals.

Thanks for the opportunity to share with you all, 2013 is the most amazing year I have ever had and I intend to finish it off on a high…
As of today we have 43 fantastic days to have an impact on this year and prepare for the next one… The great news for me is I know what my goals are…
“People with goals succeed because they know where they’re going.” – Earl Nightingale

As we get ready to enter another week… 43 days to go…

Key Actions

What are the key areas for you to focus on this week as aligned with the core objectives?
What are the key actions that you need to take around this core focus?

What is/are the major barrier(s) to you achieving your objectives and how do we ruthlessly eliminate it/them?

Filter – The barrier(s)

Laser – How do we ruthlessly eliminate this barrier(s)?




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