Colour your Business to Success with Mark Wentworth in Dubai August 16

I’m always excited when Dubai hosts a visitor who brings something different to the Learning and Development World. mark Wentowrth works with individuals and companies to bring colour and inspiration , creativity and inspiration to ultimately drive success to your business.
It is not the form the dictates the colour, but the colour that brings out the form…
Thinking about it, I suppose it would take an abstract artist – like Hans Hofman – to provide abstract thinking around the ability of colour to make something stand out from the crowd. Like a product on a crowded supermarket shelf. Or, the exterior colour of a house that is for sale in a crowded real estate market.
Oh wow, what if colour could help bring out the best in me? There is that adage about letting something ‘colour thoughts’…. so wouldn’t it be best to make sure it was the right colour working for the best result…in my business, my relationships, my vocabulary even….?
Certainly I know I feel a positive power when I wear and see colours that ‘speak to me’…..and speak they do!
How colour works in your business:

Colour Stories have long been told as part of brand and business development, they relate to how a business presents itself to the consumer. It grounds the brand in the customers mind. 95% of our product buying is made by colour choice alone. But what if the colour stories created so far are man made and whilst they work, there is in fact an underlying truer Colour Story waiting to be told.

From the moment the business begins this particular Colour Story comes into being as well.

Imagine having a clearly identified plan of the language and tools to use to engage your customers with and to be able to take them on a journey into your product or service. Imagine having a unique colour code that translates into an action plan and shows you the language to use when writing your copy and marketing material.

This is the, as of yet, untold Colour Story, a story waiting to happen, waiting to be put into action and told. This could be your Colour Story.

Wouldn’t it be simply great if within your Colour Story there was a tool you could use that would help you focus and fine tune your business, and included in that would be the method that would help you make decisions, decisions that you knew were aligned to the greatest potential of your business but also the greatest potential for yourself as well.

30 years ago I started a journey, which had you have told me what was going to happen I’m not sure I would have believed you. That journey was the beginning and the stepping across the threshold into the world of colour. The more I studied and experienced the more I fell in love with and became mesmerised by all that colour was and is capable of. I mean who would have thought that by working with aspects of a Colour Story you could make business decision which would save your business half a million pounds? Certainly not the somewhat sceptical but curious business man who needed to decide between two different courses of action, Colour helped him make the right decision!

The opportunity to experience and learn more about yourself and your business through the hidden language of your Colour Story seems at first quite bizarre and yet when we delve deep into colour we learn that it is part of the bedrock of the essence of life itself. Its subtleties move us and take us on a journey just like the currents of the sea, without a navigator we get lost and swept along to wherever the currents take us. Knowing your Colour Story provides the ship, the navigator and the horizon to aim for, knowing your Colour Story gives you direction and purpose, as well as offering guidance on how to navigate the ups and downs of the journey.

A Colour Story gives a profound sense of belonging. It’s not colour design, it’s not colour graphics, it’s just pure and simple Colour Story magic!

Here’s just some ways you can work with Mark and Know Yourself Through Colour :

  • Colour Profiling For Personal or Business Branding, by bringing the language of colour into play often unleashing latent potential
  • The Colour House, by inviting Mark to your office or home for a bit of colour magic and together craft the story that needs to be told
  • Colour Yourself Free, by breaking any chains of attachment, from caffeine, to sugar, to money, a lover, or even a place.
  • Ancestral Colour Healing, by Colour Psycho-Dynamics journey back to reconnect with the infinite source of love, healing and support
  • The Colour of Money, by landing a ‘friendship’ with money that lights the path to all-round freedom and prosperity

Are you interested to explore?

  • Book your Business or Home Colour Session with Mark, from Dhs 950 per session at your place of choice
  • Book your Personal Session with Mark and over 90 minutes ignite the colour in you, from Dhs 650 per session
  • Workshop with us, on Saturday August 19 for Colour Stories, a full-day focus on healing past lives with Colour Psycho-Dynamics and Personal Colour Profiling, from 9am to 4pm, Dhs 850, including a yummy, healthy, gluten-free lunch and nibbles
  • If you would like to combo a Personal Session with the Workshops, Mark has a very special Colour Package at Dhs 1,050 inclusive.

Please send email to  or give us call on 055 653 4680.

Mark Wentworth is here from August 16 for two weeks – If your company would like a session or workshop with Mark please call 0556534680  to arrange a consultation or a talk. Mark Wentworth, the founder of Colour for Life, creator of Colour Psycho-Dynamics, and President-Elect of the International Light Association. Take a look online at

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