A Message to my 22 Year Old Self! Williams Spindloe








If I could travel back in time and give my 22 year old self any advice in respect of career and life in general it would this.

“Just try and find what you enjoy. Through this you will find what you want to do , where you want to be and you will discover who you are”

The thing is, I probably wouldn’t have listened to my now 45 year old self. I would certainly have given the impression of listening, and even made reflective statements to show I understood, but in reality I wouldn’t have taken in very much. #IfIWere22
Like many others I think I probably felt that I should pursue a certain career path. I probably followed the herd quite a bit too. A number of my friends joined the armed forces, and I came close, but backed away. A nation will be forever grateful for that decision.

I think many of us at that age don’t know exactly what we want to do. I know a great many of us in our forties who still feel the same way ! Its natural. You are finding your feet, escaping the gravitational force of your parents, finding who you really are and not how your family might see you. I think if there was one question I may have asked as a 22 year old would have been, ‘how am I supposed to know what I might enjoy?’ and that’s a tough one to answer. So my only comment to my younger self would be to ask more questions, talk to more people. Take more of an interest in the wider world.

It took me a little while to get going, but when I did, it took me around the world. And yes the picture is me some 25 or so years ago, so try and keep the comments like ‘What Happened to you?!” to a minimum please.



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