A Survival Tale with a Developmental Twist Debbie Nicol Business en Motion

We Coronians are on the edge, and while it feels overwhelming right now, the edge is a great place to be.

Picture this. An ancient canyon carved between two very high, rugged cliffs. You are precariously positioned on the very edge of the cliff top, toes hanging over while you desperately focus on balance. You are acutely aware there are really only two choices right here, right now: do or die, sink or swim, balance or become extinct. Senses are heightened, survival mode kicks in and instinct tells you to move back to the safety of the land behind you, the plateau of comfort. Under no circumstances should you do so! 

The daunting task of moving to the edge took determination, grit and a pulsing, fearful energy.  Remaining on the edge continues to draw on courage, vulnerability and bravery. Welcome to the world of business transformation, where every moment, action and decision counts and where risk and change become the new norm. Decisions are laden with consequence and you can choose to remain ‘ready, willing and able’ – or not. 

Short term survival is the space that business occupies right now. It is undoubtedly essential for most, and while important, I suggest this is done with one eye on the future, the place we’ve already reached and where we’ll be working differently.

·     Perhaps loyalties will have changed

eg Your banking institution broke your spirt with ongoing hefty fees during tough times, breaking your desire to be loyal

·     Your support team focus may have shifted

eg Some people simply did not step up when assistance was most needed

·     Perhaps priorities will have changed, based on instinctive nudges received through the tough times

eg A rising responsibility for ethical practices infiltrate your internationally-connected business

·     Perhaps the filter that guided choices operated differently

eg A shared value for tolerance will now be introduced as you’ve seen such tangible benefit it brings

Those, and many other changes belong to your future; stay ‘on edge’ with them continuing to spotlight their value and honoring their presence.  Do not let them sink lower on your list of priorities because time takes its toll or because it’s all too hard to break relationships, tradition or existing processes.

We all are getting a great kick in the pants currently – and it’s hurting. What will you choose to do with that pain for long-term benefit?  How will your business have developed and evolved when we come out the other end? It’s imperative not to lose sight of Co-Vid19 beyond its presence, yet rather remember the purpose behind the pain it brought. Embed that purpose into your life force and business ethos while evolving a 3.0 approach to your future of business. Great lessons have been handed to us on the proverbial golden platter; don’t let its teachings be lost on you. Develop with the times and serve a resulting common good. 

Unfortunately, some can have very short memories; don’t let amnesia be the reason your business becomes a statistic in the near future.

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