A Training Course Made Just For You

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Digital learning gives employees the control over where they learn, when they learn and most importantly how they learn. As product lead-times shorten from months to days, technology enables employers to get people up to speed quicker, more efficiently and at a fraction of the cost.

Computers, tablets, smart phones, technology of every kind lets employees learn anywhere and everywhere. Any time, all the time. Technology makes knowledge accessible and learning portable but the true promise of digital learning is the ability to customise education to each and every employee.

Engaging and interactive software can adapt the style and pace of instruction to each employee so no employee is bored and no employee is left behind. A decade ago providing a customised training course to a workforce across the globe was just a dream, today digital learning can turn that dream into a reality.

When deciding on the most suitable learning methods for your business, take into account these advantages and disadvantages.


  • Customization
  • Pause and repeat
  • On demand
  • Active
  • Self paced
  • Multi-lingual solutions
  • Frees up face-to-face learning time for creative projects
  • Central point of organisation
  • Serious games make learning fun
  • Cost-effective


  • No question and answer sessions
  • No practical role plays to test the uptake of information
  • Finding the most effective content-authoring tools
  • Low employee engagement in online learning
  • Lack of belief that online qualifications count as much as classroom based certifications
  • Cloud-based security issues

To learn about alternative learning methods, such as mobile, social, classroom and cross-functional, download our ebook: Guide to workplace learning.

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