Maggie Williams – Editor and Co-Founder

Maggie Williams

  • Brings more than 25 years of training and education experience in UK, Spain and the Gulf Region and insights and experience from supplying staffing solutions to industry in the UK.
  • 1980’sManaged a language centre in Malaga Spain of 400 + students
  • Leaving Spain for the Gulf she landed in Abu Dhabi where she started a long association with the British Council heading different projects as diverse as managing  external projects  for companies such as ADNOC, ADYIA, GASCO  etc. , to Cultural Events Organizer of large scale projects bringing out Shakespearian players,  jazz & art exhibitions . She was also instrumental in finding the funding for the return of Wilfred Thesiger and staging the exhibition in all the 7 Emirates
  • Returning to UK in 1994, ran her own recruitment partnership in the Midlands building up the business to a 2.5 million turnover
  • However, the Emirates never left her soul and she returned, selling  the business in 1999, and began work for ENOC National Oil Company as a management trainer, making engagement  and team development  her love and speciality; bringing with her considerable expertise of working in and for industry.
  • She believes that everyone should be made to feel that they can make a difference.
  • A creator of Buzzwords for Buzy Bees and attitudinal card game for the corporate world, and co-founder of CLO-ME
  • Dreams to be instrumental in co manifesting  “The World Palace of Thinking” with Edward de Bono in the UAE.