Paul Michael Gledhill – Chairman

Paul Michael Gledhill – Chairman and Co-Founder

Having worked in the travel industry in some of the world’s most exotic locations, Paul returned to the UK to continue his training career and development studies. He worked for the UK Government as Business and Training Advisor and received several awards from the Training and Development Lead Body (TDLB), and Lincoln and Durham Business Schools for Business and Training Counseling. As a professional trainer and an excellent presenter with a keen interest in emerging technologies, Paul started looking into the booming e-Learning industry. Paul is currently a Director and Co-founder of Xpert Learning FZ-LLC, an e-Learning service and solutions provider, based in Dubai and founded in April 2003. Xpert Learning works with the leading corporate, government and educational establishments throughout the Middle East.

He also sits as a member of the Board of Directors of the Middle East e-Learning Association MEEA

Paul has implemented over 100 technology-enabled learning and development initiatives for the likes of FedEx, Siemens, DEPA, Nestle, Dubai Duty Free, Emirates National Bank of Dubai, Unilever, GUST University, Etihad Airways, Rivoli Group, Supreme, ENOC, Ministry of Bahrain, Dubai Airports, Dubai Chamber of Commerce, Emirates Airlines and many others. The successful implementations have helped these leading companies optimize learning efficiency through the use of innovative learning techniques and technologies.

Paul is a provider of research centric consulting solutions that assist organizations to define, operate and optimize their strategic learning initiatives.

A contributor to many online and print publications Paul shares knowledge and best practice through an array of networks including thousands of IT Learning and HR professionals

Over the past 7 years, Paul has been actively conducting round tables and has been hosting many conferences, most of which he was appointed Master of Ceremonies. Through these high-profile events, he has enthusiastically engaged participation and opened the minds and hearts of people wishing to enhance their knowledge using technology.

The main impact to the region of Paul’s highly avid initiatives has been the 100+ leading organizations that, year on year, continue to work with Paul to enhance the working lives and knowledge base of workers throughout the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

All in all, Paul is a very enthusiastic individual who is committed to promoting lifelong learning for people from different cultures within the Middle East.