What or who is a CLO?

A Chief Learning Officer (CLO) is the highest-ranking corporate officer concerning talent or learning management of a corporation or agency. CLOs can be experts in corporate or personal training, with degrees in education, instructional design, business or similar.

Qualified CLOs should be able to drive the corporate strategy and align the development of people with the business goals of the organization. A full complement of skills, from business analytics to technology. learning theory, performance consulting and scientific inquiry are important for success.

Qualified CLOs of corporations should have leadership skills and be able clearly handle the training management of their company.

The CLO may report directly to the CEO, but may also report to the Head of HR or Chief Talent/People Officer.

A Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) is a corporate officer who oversees all HR and industrial relations operations for an organization. Similar job titles includes Chief People Officer, Chief Personnel Officer, and Senior VP of HR. Roles and responsibilities of a typical CHRO can be categorized as follows: (1) workforce strategist, (2) organizational and performance conductor, (3) HR service delivery owner, and (4) compliance and governance regulator. CHROs may also be involved in board member selection and orientation, executive compensation, and succession planning.