April Spotlight: Jayne Morrison Six Seconds Regional Director Middle East and Africa


This month’s  Spotlight is on Jayne Morrison Regional Director of  Six Seconds Organisation, and owner of Dynamic Learning based in Dubai







1. Tell us about you, your work in the Middle East.
I’ve been based in Dubai for over 12 years and, in 2004, started Dynamic Learning. What started as fledgling business, developing and delivering bespoke English language course, has evolved into a consultancy comprising four key business services: Language Programs, Training Solutions, Human Resource Solutions and Emotional Intelligence. The latter has become my passion and focus, in my role as the Regional Director, Middle East & Africa, for Six Seconds.

2. Tell us about Six Seconds and Emotional Intelligence.
Six Seconds is the first and largest organisation supporting EQ development globally. We work in all sectors of society, helping people and organisations gain the benefits of emotional intelligence through life-changing training, change-focused consulting, and innovative tools.
In my role regionally, I’m privileged to travel around the region – from Turkey down to South Africa – working with amazing people who, like me, see the need to fuel positive change, both personally and professionally.

In June this year Six Seconds has the honour of hosting the first ever Conference on EQ at Harvard Business School. The 3-day NexusEQ Conference will bring together leaders in the field of neuroscience, learning and leadership. We are hoping to have a delegation representing Africa and the Middle East at the conference. It’s amazing that we’re having a conference at Harvard, but the real point is bigger:  We’re building a worldwide movement to increase emotional intelligence, and we’re looking for the people who are going to drive the next stages.  NexusEQ @ Harvard is a tool – and Six Seconds intends it to be used to spark change. Why not join us?

3. What are the biggest challenges you see today?
The pace of life today results in increasing levels of stress. We all know that stress has a negative impact on our health; it also takes its toll on relationships and the climate in our families and organisations. As a parent, an educator or a leader, we all know ‘what’ we’re supposed to do, but with the pace of today’s world, it’s the ‘how’ that I see challenging people in all sectors of society. Stress impacts us emotionally and when misused, emotions can lead to disastrous results. Yet they are the key to trust, communication, motivation and making optimal decisions. It improves the quality of our relationships, our ability to influence and inspire others, our decision-making abilities, our effectiveness, our health and the general quality of life. In other words it assists us with the ‘how’ –  the ‘how’ to become parents who influence our children to become worthwhile adults; the ‘how’ to become educators that inspire students to learn and grow; and how to become a leader worth following.

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