August Spotlight: Mohammad Zamin co -founder BluMatter Expert Marketplace Dubai

  • What led to the creation of your company in the Middle East.

We position ourselves as an ‘Expert Marketplace’ and within the Mideast region we came across several enterprises using large consultancies to implement strategic initiatives at painstakingly high costs. The smaller firms, unable to afford the pay-out for high end expertise were unable to grow and enhance their position in the region. Thus began our journey to create a business model that ensures cost optimization whilst having the ability to access great talent from across the globe. The ‘independent’ talent on our network were far more agile than larger consultancies and were far more cost effective as they weren’t associated with a large brand anymore, hence ensuring the client would pay only for the work done rather than an overhead cost or brand name.

  • How would you describe the internal work culture of your company.

Two things we genuinely try to promote as far as the company culture is concerned

  • Working as a collective – An organization is only as good as its people. Every person at BluMatter is working towards building an entity that can make a difference in changing the way talent is used in the Middle East. Every person involved has a distinct yet imperative role to play in the growth of our firm. The integrity of the supply chain ensures we are able to meet and even exceed client expectation.
  • Employee Freedom – A good idea can come from anywhere! This ensures we are constantly improving and enhancing our value proposition. However the only way we ensure the ‘ideas funnel’ is being fed is to promote employee freedom and task autonomy. We regularly liaise with each other to speak out on change and enhancement of our business model so as to constantly innovate and bring unique value to the market.
  • What are the challenges you have faced in the Middle East when promoting your service

Informing the market on alternatives is the primary challenge faced by most Industry Disruptors. Building ‘trust’ for alternatives that are far more efficient in many ways requires education, time and resilience. The Middle East market is unique in its own way and our objective revolves around bringing flexibility to enterprises to solve their business challenges.

  • What changes are you looking to make In respect to the work landscape of the UAE

We are big advocates of ‘Future of Work’ and how enterprises in the region can adopt better ways of working. However the key difference we are looking to make is to Democratize consulting and advisory, clients should have the flexibility to choose the Individuals they want to engage with from a pool of remarkable industry experts, someone who they feel understands their business and is able to provide them with real value.











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