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Recently, I had  the time I was able to incorporate a number of my key success rituals, time with my family both collectively and individually, physical exercise, social time developing relationships and networks, time to laugh, time to reflect and time focused on personal and professional development… it was a powerful time and I feel strong and at my best…

This is a very important concept to me, in fact I am currently developing my 201success framework and one of the ‘Key Success Guidelines’ is “Time to reflect and take optimistic action on me at my strongest and best!” This is a very powerful space to put yourself in…

I had the chance to work with some business leaders with the strength focused leadership model with Gallup. I was very excited about this as I was working with great and dynamic leaders but I was also be recognised as a Master Strength Coach… I am looking forward to sharing my learning with you.

Reflection Questions

Tell me about you at your best?
When do you feel strongest?
What are the barriers you need to remove to be more consistently at your strongest and best?
Who is the role model who supports you in getting there?
What is the ritual that will catapult you into your ‘strongest’ and ‘at your best’ focus this week?
We are people who have an enormous ability to assist others in getting to the best version of themselves and in order to do this consistently we must focus on ‘leading’ in life and in business.

The late and great Steve Covey really highlighted the difference between the ‘Boss’ and the ‘Leader’ to me in his statement – ‘You can always get more golden eggs in the short term by messing up the goose a bit but it is the leader who looks after the goose that will win in the long term and so will his people.’ Covey’s words punch a hole in the claim ‘But I get results…’ Sure but at what cost?

What do leaders do?

They Coach – Ask great questions focused on ‘How can we…’ I spoke with a leader I respect last week and he spoke about developing both ‘skills’ and ‘motivation’ this is what the leader as coach does…
They Trust – They develop great people through a focus on trust – ‘You are smart I trust you to figure it out…’ Theses are words that great leaders use all the time…
They Generate Enthusiasm – As you know from working with me ‘enthusiasm’ is action based positivity – leaders get positive action that really stimulates creativity, performance and results…
They focus on ‘WE’ – The word WE breaks down ‘arm wrestles’ and stimulates collaboration, teamwork and builds trust…
They fix breakdowns – This is most true when it comes to communication they are interesting in ‘root cause’ not fixing the symptoms’…
They show how it is done – They model success for their people… example is a strong leadership trait…
They develop people – They base their success on how smart their team is rather than showing their team how smart they are…
They give credit – They actively seek out people to recognise and are constantly praising great work?
They ask – The emotionally intelligent leader focuses on empathy as a great tool of engagement – They focus on great questions… The skill of the empathetic…They know that ‘if they want a better answer, they need to ask a better question!’
They say ‘Let’s GO – They are focused on leading through action and taking their team with them…

All of this is underpinned by the fact that leaders set very high standards…

My favourite definition of leadership is… ‘Great leaders take people places that they could not get to by themselves!’ Henry Kissinger

Where are you taking your team?

Reflection Questions

What do you feel that you are doing really well as a leader?
What are the top 3 strengths that you need to leverage in order to build on this area?
In what area do you feel you could improve most as a leader?
What are the top 3 skills you need to develop to facilitate this improvement?
I am looking forward to your feedback.
Mick Todd
Director of Coaching and Training

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