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Are you building great relationships…
My focus today are professional relationships but all of the insights from today apply to building great personal relationships as well.
All of the insights I am going to share stories today are about real people that I work with and admire in my role as personal, professional and and organisational coach.
These people are outstanding at building enduring and powerful relationships and they do it through using their strengths… their greatest gift is their ability to be themselves… They are very human  The formula I am about to share has an enormous impact and has the ability to transform your relationships… And build high performing teams.

What is my formula for building great relationships? – Real Australians Need Exceptional Friends… I am a proud Australian (as anybody who saw me speak at the British Embassy in Dubai yesterday would know and I have used this to focus on my number one strength… Building relationships.)

REAL – Relationships – HB is a fantastic entrepreneur who has experienced amazing success in the last six months achieving many lifelong goals and providing himself and his family with enduring security. His greatest professional asset is his ability to build great relationships. He is like a ‘human can of energy’ you feel alive when you spend time with him. He has a great ability to make people feel special and that they are valued…

Do I take enough time to stop and build relationships with those around me or am I constantly on the ‘I am too busy…’ bandwagon?
What are some steps I could take to increase the sense of connection with people around me?
‘Seize the cubic centimetres of chance this week?

Australian – Authentic – What you see is what you get… AP works in a professional services role and is very senior but he never pretends to be anything he is not. He is at ease with all members of staff and has great manners… He is one of those fantastic people that makes everybody feel valued and therefore drives great engagement in his team?

Do I always present my true self at work?
Do people really trust me?
Do I show respect for all people I meet equally regardless of their position?

‘The greater the gap between the person you really are and the one you present each the less that life works!’

Need – Nice – AK is a fantastic young entrepreneur… She has built a really successful business… She is in no way soft… But she cares about people and her people would do anything for her… One of her staff has suffered severe illness over the last year – this is a person whom has just returned to work after a five month illness – all of this paid leave… Her team decided that they would support… This is a startup it was not easy, but on the back of her willingness to be nice the team pulled together and she led this and her team loves her for it… Do you know that according to Gallup the number one reason that people leave an organisation is that they do not feel appreciated… Be nice!

Are we building appreciation rituals into our schedule?
Do you take time to greet people and understand their lives?
How would our team describe you (especially when the pressure is on…)?
‘The best of the best are consistent around their success rituals!’

Exceptional – Ethical – Nothing is more important than your brand and your brand is behaviour… Think of the people you respect the most – they are people that keep their promises – think of the reverse… People who don’t soon lose respect and the willingness of people to do the same… DM… I love working with him because if he says he will do something he gets it done.

Are you keeping promises to yourself?
Are you keeping promises to others?
Does your video and audio match?

‘There may be times when we are powerless to prevent injustice, but there must never be a time when we fail to protest.’

Friends – Fun – I had the real pleasure of spending time with an organisation last week for their annual conference… This is an organisation that has and continues to go through enormous growth and have just completed a year of dizzying growth and outlandish time scales – my number one take away from the week was boy do they have fun be it spoof videos, dancing… They love to have fun… Interestingly they also have enormously challenging goals and a talented team that is well up for it…

How are you bilding a sense of enjoyment and engagement in the workplace?
Are you challenging your team to find more and more enjoyment?
Are you engagging with your clients in a way that builds a sense of engagement in your process?

As you all get ready to create genuine success in your life this week make sure you take the time to work out what is your core focus? How will you be at your best and build great relationships? By the end of this week we are halfway through Q1… Are you on track for the best year yet?

Key Questions

What are your key success rituals?
2. What are your barriers in delivering them?
3. How will you ruthlessly eliminate them in order to deliver success?

Preparation Key Actions

What are the key areas for you to focus on this week?
Filter (Priorities)

What are the key actions that you need to take around these priorities?
Laser (Action)

What is the major barrier(s) to you achieving your objectives and how do we ruthlessly eliminate it/them?

Filter – The barrier(s)

Laser ? How do we ruthlessly eliminate this barrier(s)?

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