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MBTI and Project Management

Having just completed my MBTI training with Innovative HR Solutions in Knowledge Village, I founf this article very useful by Tom Kendrick Do You Have What It Takes to be a Project Manager? By: Tom Kendrick Although every project is different, each requires a planned, organized approach. Do you have what…

Understanding Motivation

  I thought this was a great article to send to colleagues regarding Motivation. EBW Definition Wants to achieve, has energy, drive and enthusiasm, is ambitious, is optimistic and positive about things, less likely to become demoralized, is not cautious or hesitant. What motivates you at work? You may think…

How do I join CLO-ME?

You can join now by: 'Clicking 'Memberships' 'New Registrations' Complete the short form Check your mail (sometimes your Junk mail too) Click the confirmation link!  

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You will get to to play your part in this growing association of professionals from the Learning and Development field. You will have access to best practice, exclusive resources  and much more!

What is CLO-ME about?

CLO-ME enables this through the provision of a great social media network, allowing HR and L&D practitioners connect with others, to get help and advice on raising their profile within their companies, to exchange their views and of course, share best practices within their field.