Step in the Spotlight

What is the monthly CLO Spotlight ?

Its a short interview we feature each month that is either done virtually, face to face and can be written or video

Why do it?

To contribute to the community of HR and L&D professionals and share your story

How to apply

Send in a quick email to:

What are the questions:

Here are the typical questions but these can be totally changed by you if more appropriate

  • Tell us about you, your experience and time in the Middle East.
  • How would you describe the culture of your business?
  • How easy is it for you to get direct access to the decision makers in your company? Companies here
  • What are your biggest challenges in the next 5 years?
  • What are the skills and competencies that you would need to train in order to meet the regions talent requirements?

Send us a cool photo of yourself and share your story with your peers from our wonderful profession.


If you have already been one of our featured spotlight interviews why don’t you give us an update?  Let us know where are you now

Here are the questions for our new WHERE ARE THEY NOW SPOTLIGHT


You’ve moved from the UAE and we’d love to hear your journey.

Tell us about your experience and what prompted the move?

Looking back what were your highpoints and low points of your time in the UAE? What reflections can you share?

What were the biggest changes you faced in your new country?

Feel free to change these questions to fit in with your story 


If you had your time again what might you have done differently?