5 Competencies of Conversational Leadership David Gurteen







Conversational Leadership is a style of working where everyone in an organization understands the transformative power of conversation and takes a conversational approach to the way that they connect, relate and work with each other..
1. They modify their behaviours to take a conversational approach to the way that they work and interact with each other.
2. They are conversational catalysts and purposefully nurture and stimulate the natural conversations that take place in the organization.
3. They help build a strong social fabric and sense of community by connecting people and helping them build relationships with each other.
4. They practice daily conversational methods such as peer assists, after action reviews and knowledge cafes.
5. They are “conversational architects” – they identify the strategic conversations that need to take place in the organization; the questions to trigger them and design the processes to convene and host them.

Crucially, conversational leaders act as champions and role models – they give the signal that conversations are good and valuable and not a waste of time.

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