Competition: Win a Copy of William Spindloe’s new book “The Learning Link”

We’ve all been there: Facilitating our courses to an audience who may or may not respond to our messages we impart. Then at the end of the day the ubiquitous feedback or ” Happy Sheet” has to be filled in at a time when the participants just want to go home! No one want to add any meaningful comments that would assist improvement for the trainer and learning!


Answer this simple question to win William Spindloe’s book ” THE LEARNING LINK  

What does the image on the front cover allude to?

The few firms that gauge the results of their efforts often rely on “the happy sheet,” which is usually a questionnaire where the required responses are numbered one to five, five being very happy and one being very unhappy. The options are often illustrated by five faces in various states of happiness, but they don’t always result in meaningful feedback. William Spindloe, who has helped businesses throughout the world improve and measure their capabilities, provides best practices to align thinking throughout your organization to develop employees and achieve business objectives. His insights will help you: •determine where it makes sense to invest in the future; •calculate the return on investment on employee training and development; •establish an efficient process to train employees; and •employ technology to facilitate learning among employees. Grow your people and your business by mastering the lessons in The Learning Link.

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