December Spotlight: Sheena Wilson


Tell us about you and your experience and time in the Middle East?

I arrived in 2000 from Brunei, South East Asia where I was an Occupational Therapist for the Ministry of Health, It was a challenging, exciting time and when circumstances of following my then husband to Dubai presented itself I found myself looking for new challenges.

I set up a therapy service for child development and.  adult rehabilitation therapy with the American hospital doing head injury and hand rehabilitation, It was very satisfying to see results.

I had a service in Shariah and then in Dubai we set up a school for children with specific learning difficulties and within the norm or IQ. This proved very successful and many students were able to continue and complete full time education. Currently we have the Wilson Centre for child development in Sharjah and Dubai and in 2018 we have opened in Dubai, offering therapy services at the centre and in-school therapy to support inclusive education

How would you describe the culture of your business?

Our culture is based on a natural, play-based, neuro- physiological, sensory motor development of learning

What are the biggest challenges in the next 5 years?

Finding quality staff, dealing with government bureaucracy,  costs of government services, being at the mercy pf a fluctuating economy, government legislation, and lastly parents in denial of the needs of their children.

5. What are the skills and competencies that you need to meet your  talent requirements?

Therapists specialising in particular fields and finding good ones is a challenge.

What is your Philosophy?

My purpose is to educate education authorities, doctors, psychologists, teachers and parents in an understanding of the underlying neurological foundations of learning. Unless you develop and integrate the senses then learning will always be a challenge.



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