December Spotlight: Where are they Now?- John Robins Great Impressions


Tell us about you, your experience and time in the Middle East.

I had a fantastic time in the Middle East. The things I loved about it most include the opportunity to meet people from all around the world and learn so much about different cultures. The opportunity to travel extensively both East and West as well as around the region, and the opportunity to watch a relatively under developed part of the world evolve into the exciting, vibrant commercial and tourist center that it is today.

I spent all of my time in the advertising and marketing sector; from the day I arrived in August 1985, until the day I left in March 2018, 33 years! During this time I was involved in the launch of many of the initiatives that make Dubai what it is today as a result of being a supplier to the Executive Office and a number of other big organisations and trading families including the Al Naboodah Group, Al Futtaim, Emirates, Dubai Ports World to name a few. Projects included the launch of Dubai Media City, Dubai Healthcare City, Global Village, The Dubai Shopping Festival and many others. It was a fabulous time.

How would you describe the culture of your business?

Our business is driven by creativity and collaboration. As a result, by nature, the people in our office work well together and deliver great results. We are a small company, six of us in total and there is no particular hierarchy. We are very much driven by the requirements of each project. We each have our skill sets and we apply our skills according to what is required by the project. No one tells anyone else what to do, we all know what to do and get on with it.

What are your biggest challenges in the next 5 years?

As a small company, growth is always the biggest challenge. Taking on just one additional person can have a big impact on your expenses without initially increasing revenue.

What prompted you to write your book ‘Find and Empower the Inner-You’?

Having spent many years reading about theology and philosophy I was able to learn the fundamental techniques and skills needed to live a successful, happy stress-free life. I was unable to find a single book or reference that I could pass on to my children so that they too would be able to acquire the skill and so I decided to write a book for them. During the time writing the book it became apparent that this book could be invaluable to anyone.

Can you share a segment of the book to give people an indication of how it could help them?

Certainly, the excerpt below is just one of the exercises you will find in the book. It comes in Chapter Two and shows you how to become truly self-aware and connect with the inner-self. It is the most important step in being able to live a happy and stress free life. Once you experience this for yourself, the remaining techniques become so much easier to understand and put into context.

Many people find this section of the book quite profound, it really opens their eyes and their mind. Once they carry out this exercise they are keen to read on and to achieve a complete understanding of how it is possible to live a successful, happy and stress-free life. Like all things, it’s easy when you know how!

How to Experience Self-Awareness

For some, experiencing self-awareness and separating the inner-self from their mind for the first time can be achieved quickly with a simple exercise. For others, it can take longer and require several exercises. Some people never manage it. However, be aware that becoming self-aware is essential before moving forward and releasing the power within you.

Exercise 2: Try this simple exercise below now and see if it works for you the first time around. This exercise is designed to lead you from the known to what is unknown to you and help you become aware of the inner-self:

  1. Read the following steps slowly and deliberately.
  2. As you read these words, find and listen to the voice in your mind reading out the words.
  3. Listen to each word as your mind is reading them.
  4. Now ask yourself this question. If your mind is reading out the words, who is it that is listening to them?
  5. The answer is that it is your inner-self. Be conscious of the fact that your MIND is reading the words and that your inner-self is consciously listening to them.
  6. At the same time, as the inner-self is listening to your mind reading these words, become aware of yourself in your surroundings.
  7. Close your eyes for a moment, sense yourself and the environment around you. When you open your eyes again,
  8. Become aware and observe yourself. Sense your presence in the space you are in and remain aware of YOUR mind reading to YOU.
  9. Become conscious of what else is going on around you. Keep listening to yourself reading while you are doing this.
  10. As you carry out this exercise, you become the observer. As the observer, you can sense all of these things, including your voice and yourself in the space around you. You are connecting with the observer, the inner-self. And you are allowing the inner-self to become awake, conscious.
  11. Stop reading for a moment, count to 10 slowly. Listen to the numbers as you count. You are now directly conscious of the fact that you are not the voice in your mind. You are now controlling the voice. The inner-you is now controlling your mind and being self-aware.
  12. Now stop the voice. Make your voice silent. See how long you can keep your voice silent before it spontaneously starts up again. This step shows you how your mind is constantly trying to chatter. But remember, you can stop it for as long as you want. It just takes practice.
  13. Go one step further. If there is someone in the room you can talk to, strike up a conversation. Observe both sides of the conversation, observe what that person is saying, observe what you are thinking and saying back to them. If there is no one in the room, call up a friend, observe yourself on the phone, and envisage your friend on the other end of the phone.

If you were able to identify and sense the inner-you listening to the words as your intellect read them out in your mind and if the inner-you was at the same time able to observe your mind, body, and the surroundings around you; remaining conscious of what was going on around you. And if the inner-you that watched both sides of a conversation between your intellect and another person, then you have awoken the inner-self and experienced self-awareness.

Imagine what other techniques and skills are available in the book!

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