“Do I do the Right Thing or Do I do the Thing Right is the question! Mumtaz Hussain






How often are we busy building a perfect solution?  Everyone wants one, I hear you say?

But do they? Really, do they?

Is it a perfect solution with all the bells and whistles that businesses or clients want or Do they want something that fits the purpose, right there and at that particular time ?

Yes you are right in thinking ‘well it depends……’

As humans we tend to peruse perfection, and do our utmost to create and deliver the best … however in real life time is a crucial factor and time is money!!

Do we consider the cost of time spent in delivering something close to perfect… and what about if while we are busy making ‘perfect’, someone else’s just in time solution has already made ours’ obsolete!! Not because others’ produced ‘perfect’ but very likely it would be what was needed just in time and served the purpose or saved the day as to speak!

I am all for doing the things right but in today’s fast pace business world more than often its doing the right thing that matters more… people expect delivery at the pace of their business transactions and fix is pretty much always need yesterday…

Relationships are the core of getting things done, at all levels and everywhere… waiting to do the thing right can cause stress to our key stakeholders relationships too …

One of my mentors told me once, if all you need is a car, don’t spend time building a super car!!

So next time you find yourself in a similar situation, pause and think …
Do I do the Right Thing or Do I do the Thing Right”
Mumtaz Hussain
Senior Director School of Leadership
Human Capital & Administration

Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company

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