Draft Agreement

This Contra agreement draft highlights a suggested barter but is open to discussions to maximize the partnership for both parties

Company( name) will provide the following:

  1. Acknowledge CLO ME as Media partner for event/activity
  2. CLO ME logo listing on event website;
  3. Exposure through any marketing campaign in all communications via brochures, direct mail outs, sales campaigns, show catalogues, on-site branding and event website for CLO ME;
  4. CLO ME 50-100 words profile write-up in event brochure;
  5. Acknowledgement of CLO ME in Newsletter and press releases (if Company name sends newsletters);
  6. Exclusive (10%) Discount rate for CLO ME members to attend the event when they register
  7. ONE (1) complimentary delegate pass to a board director of CLO ME to attend this event for media coverage for example pre or post blog for the CLO-ME site

CLO ME to provide the following:

Event listing for the above event under CLO ME homepage date until the event;

  1. Banner ad (1423 x 600  pixels ) on CLO ME home page clicking into event website (banner will be provided by Company name);
  2. A blog/ write-up post event if the event is attended by a CLO-ME representative
  3. Newsletter to CLO ME members goes out to approx. 5000+ L&D and HR professionals to announce information about this event
  4. Posts on Social media channels of CLO-ME

Once an agreement has been reached both parties will sign off for either a single event or a series of events covering a time period

Please note that CLO-ME does not send any independent email marketing to our members for partners other than a single monthly newsletter. The reason for this is because we cover many events for lots of providers if we send too many e-mailers we tend to get individual members who unsubscribe.