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Energise Your 2015






n May 2011 I started In Learning and what a ride this has been to date. 2014 is coming to an end and this year has been the most surprising one for me in many ways; the list is simply endless.

The greatest lesson I have learnt is to change my thought process to work on the business. This meant revisiting the simple concepts of:

  • Why I do what I do?
  • Vision
  • Mission
  • Values

Seems simple but when I returned to reviewing this the clarity was missing. Back to the drawing board and finally there was a sense of direction returning.

Back to basics, back to basics, back to basics is very crucial. These are foundation of any business and if this clarity is lost then you are lost. The same goes for individuals who are in jobs.

Now this journey of learning was inspired by my support system that being my family; in specific one individual who sets me straight when I have lost direction, attention, the focus. Fortunately, this individual is my business partner as well.

Another person who I need to thank is Allison Pickford from BodySmart. It is great to know that a client is helping her supplier to grow the business. Her years of experience in business have assisted me to look at the bigger picture and be persistent in achieving the best for myself.

The Rebel Networker, Phil Bedford, has been a great source of assistance allowing me to review the business by improving my networking skills so that I can use my time more effectively. His sessions are a great an eye opener.

The purpose to informing about all this is that even as a person who helps others to outperform themselves I require certain kinds of coaching and a strong support system to allow me to pass through the challenges I come across.

It is extremely reassuring that my own clients are extremely supportive in my progress. This in essence makes me believe that even in business relationship building and maintenance is fundamental to success. The same goes when you are employed; it is crucial to build and maintain relationship that assists you in your growth.

As 2014 comes to a close I would request you to take an inventory of all your relationships and decide how you will want to improve them. By taking this step you are learning to improve your inter and intrapersonal skills. Learning and development is simply not about going in a room to learn a new skill or subject. It is about being in learning ever moment of your life.

As you step into 2015 take the initiative to introspect to truly know what is important to you in all aspects of your life. Take the time to be clear with your vision, mission and values. Re-evaluate this through the year to stay on track and adapt them if need be.

Inspired by the work of Dr.S.K.Ramesh remember for 2015 energise yourself by learning to be focused, attentive, aware and breathe

My name is Rohit Bassi and I am the founder of In Learning. My mission is about sowing the seeds of passion to help you outperform yourself by enhancing your core critical skills of communication, leadership and collaboration. I have delivered workshops to the likes of Oracle, Harley-Davidson, Emirates NBD, Emaar, Alshaya, Baskin Robbins, Mazda and many more.

Please feel free to contact me via rohit@in-learning.com or call on +971-(0)55-553-2275.



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