February Spotlight Kiran Bade Young MENA REGION HR manager of the year.

  1. Tell us about you, your experience and time in the Middle East?

I’ve been in the Middle East for almost  2 years, I find the Middle East to be a huge opportunity for any passionate individual to learn and contribute. Being at the centre of the world and nurturing various businesses that are multinational, these opportunities come in the face of challenges of diversity of workforce, different needs of talents and the need for processes  while being  sensitive to diverse talent, There is also a rational to view performance at an organisational level. Being in the Middle East is for mtruly one of the most enriching experience.

2. How would you describe the culture of your business?

Distribution as a business is majorly relationship driven. Trust is the foundation on which the business is built. having a presence in multiple geographies adds diversity not only to the population but also to the way we engage with the ecosystem. This makes the  culture of our organisation very accommodating, caring and inclusive

3. What are the biggest challenges in the next 5 years?

As I reckon,

  1. Automation and rampant growth of Artificial Intelligence in HR Functions – and preparing the ecosystem for it./ Competency enhancement for the roles to avoid redundancy
  2. Multiple generations working together who are very different in their approaches
  3. Reinventing and creating Business models that are agile
  4. The speed of invention and the ability to choose, learn and implement the latest technology, staying updated throughout.
  5. Creating a customized individual growth path for individuals for uncertain times.

4. What are the skills and competencies that you would need to train to meet the region’s talent requirements?

This region is blessed with visionary leaders who set the course of direction. To create a big difference and to stay ahead in the race, every link of the chain needs to add strength. The regions’ talent needs to develop the Right Brain Skills. Creativity, Empathy, Design Thinking (balancing between Analytical and Creative thinking), thinking lean, are some areas that will need focus. As experts would say, Artificial Intelligence is the future, but the skills that would be irreplaceable and might need honing now would be the right brain skills (Being more Human

5. What is your Philosophy?

I believe that Learning and Development, and for that matter, the entire HR function, can no more be a support function responding reactively to the changing needs of the business. It’s high time where we get into the driving seat, supporting the business to identify and deliver value as a proactive partner. HR for that matter can no more be a fulfillment agent that caters to the requirement that are raised by Business. HR needs to be consulting partners, be it offering proactive hiring for future business of the organisation. or for Talent Acquisition; proactively upgrading the skill sets of current talent to avoid the redundancy of Talent Pool in the future; pr, proactively driving a culture of innovation through engaging in Talent development, rewarding innovative practices; creating programs that would drive innovation and therefore support sustainability. There is no paucity of opportunities to engage.

I believe and practice being a partner to Business, adding value in making them future ready, driving engagements that realigns the focus of Talent from challenges of today, to creating opportunities for the future and then solving challenges for  today. As I always end my mails … Look forward to creating a difference!


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