For 2013: The Dog *Poo* App: A Motivational Story






Our first post for 2013 is a funny story to make you smile from Bill Spindloe our regular contributor. Hope you enjoy it and that it causes no offense. It made me smile!

The Dog *Poo* App – A Motivational Tool.

I know that many of you reading this, may have been drawn by the title. I did struggle with this, but then I thought, tell it how it is. It’s not being used for shock value, what you are about to read is true, and I think overall not just funny, but also could be seen as a source of motivation. Here goes.

I have a client who is a Cleaning and Waste Disposal company. One of their contracts is a garbage collection and street cleaning for a city in the region.  As with most of these types of contracts there are penalties attached to non- compliance and the timeliness of collections and street cleaning, and they have come up with a new and inventive way to ensure their street cleaning contract is not likely to be under such contractual scrutiny.
At one end of the city is a large park, popular especially with dog walkers. Up until now the owners have been encouraged to use the ‘pooper scooper’ system eg- scoop up, bag and dispose of their favorite pooches poo on their own.  Many of the Dog owners and walkers have diligently complied, but just as many if not more have not, leaving the area littered with, well you know what.  It was becoming a fairly challenging task for the street cleaning team to keep up with this project, and to ensure they were not going to be financially penalized, the Dog *poo* Application was invented.

Any dog owner can now download this onto their smartphone, and once their pooch has done the business, no longer do they need to scoop, all they simply need to do is take out the phone, and snap a picture of the poo with the downloaded app. This in turn will send a message to Street Cleaning Central, with the co-ordinates of said poo, and a team within the hour will be dispatched to deal with it.  Thus mitigating any financial penalties and making the life of the dog owners easier at the same time.

In my mind when I was told about this application, all I could picture were people up and down the city taking pictures of Dog poo with their smartphones. To those witnessing this sight, who have no knowledge of this application, this may seem more than a little bizarre. The whole story made me smile for weeks and in fact still does.

Recently I was conducting a workshop for a number of senior managers, and the question was raised about innovation. I told the assembled the story of the Dog *Poo* App. I also told them that I also felt that this was a story about motivation. I did get some quizzical looks, but here is what I told them.

If you wake up at the start of the week with dread about starting another 5 days at work, or throw the duvet over your head and toss the alarm clock across the room at thought of another week in the office, then ponder only this. If you do not have a job where you receive texts telling you the precise location of  what is quite literally * poo* on an hourly basis, that you have to clean up, then you have nothing to complain about.

Enjoy your week

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