Hello all.  Allow me to share with you a proven path to increasing sales in any organization.  This model is based on a scientific approach as to what makes people buy.  These sales steps can be adapted to any sales environment. 

  1. SALES CULTURE = as a professional sales person you must believe that you are in sales and are passionate about getting people to buy.  Equally a sales organization must look + behave and act like a sales engine
  2. SOB = you must be a Student Of your Business, which means having a cutting edge “understanding” of your product/service + market + competition.  This knowledge will help you to be of further value to your customer.  Product Knowledge (PK) is just one of the elements of the curriculum
  3. LEADING METRICS = to increase your sales turnover/value you must work on

                            FOOTFALL – increasing footfall of prospects & loyal customers

                            CONVERSION RATE – The best way to improve sales skills is to teach someone to close more deals regardless of the amount.  This enables them to build their confidence – a critical competency

                             AVERAGE SALE – The second best way to increase sales is to “build” a higher ticket/deal value.  To accomplish this you must learn how to upsell & add on, being able to do both  requires discipline

No imagine increasing your CONVERSION RATE + AVERAGE SALE :).  This calls for a celebration on the sales pitch.  Thank you

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