How to Keep Sane During Corona Javier Bajer

Communication \ Be your own Editor-in-Chief, proactively deciding what type and source of information you are going to pay attention to. You already have unlimited supply of content, so it is your job now to focus on who you trust to tell you what you need to know.

Obsession \ Once you can assure yourself that you are being a responsible citizen, make sure that this new virus does not become your obsession. You might want to schedule a daily slot when you will catch up with the news, ring fencing how much time you dedicate to worrying about it.

Restoration \ This might be a great time to realign your life against your purpose. Use the current sense of vulnerability as the driver to ask yourself the difficult questions. Write your answers, as this moment will soon be over and you would have forgotten them.

Occupation \ Isolation does not mean sluggishness. You might be used to having other people organise your day, so imagine that for a few weeks you are an entrepreneur who owns their time and can decide what to do with it.  This might be a great time to have a go at learning that skill that, until now, could not get out of the new year resolution list. We have been given the gift of time out, which can easily be taken away by becoming an observer of what is going on in the world. Remember, this slot won’t last forever.

Nutrition \ Getting stronger is key, not just so you can endure this pandemic, but for life in general.  You might want to use this time to re-set not just what you eat, sleep or how often you exercise but also to nurture healthy relationships that you will stick to for a long time.

Anticipation \ And this, too, shall pass. At one point, what we are living today will become just a memory, like the many memories our ancestors used to tell us about.  What can we do today, to make sure that we are using these times as the cornerstone for a better life?  One that is not just about ourselves, but for everyone?

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