Innovation the Buzzword on Everybody’s Lips

Have you noticed that innovation is the latest ” buzzword” on everyone’s lips? From Dan Pink in his book A WHOLE NEW MIND, to Ron Kaufman, he of  UP your Service. They have all recognised that we are now moving into areas where right brain thinking is the rule of thumb. So design, design , design is where we are at. Companies like mine are creating  innovation schemes to encourage creative thought from the ranks, andwe have been using Bono’s Thinking tools  in workshops to help us  think creatively regarding Emiratisation for example, with Innovation and Creativity Days held quarterly to help us think beyond our norms.

Two very thought provoking  articles I recently came across written by Jim Gilchrist, one entitled  “Reducing fear to be more Innovative”, and the second one, ” Do you want to hire Innovators”,  looks at research  from a global perspective, ie country innovation and also from an organisational perspective. His second article on hiring innovators suggests that innovative organisations are staffed by innovative people; he also writes that innovation is personality based, linked to passion and people who are driven to successfully overcome resistance to change.

If you would like to read these articles then click on the links below.

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