‘It’s About “People”…..It’s About Talent: John Mattone Workshop Highlights

John Mattone





John Mattone – Talent Leadership: A Proven Method for Developing Leaders & Future Leaders20 November 2013 – JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, Dubai, UAE

First of all my apologies for this late blog and there is no excuse…so lets move on…………..and back to the 20th Nov……

Having introduced himself and his background, John Mattone made it very clear to all of us that our most talented people with the potential to be Leaders must be identified as early on as possible.

Mattone challenged us on 2 counts:

1. To identify, select and promote Capable, Committed & Aligned leaders and future leaders

2. To continuously measure the Capability, Commitment & Alignment levels of our leaders & future leaders

“The best prediction of future success in not past”

How did Mattone suggest that we do this effectively?

1. Through assessment of both character, values, behaviours, capability and aspiration

2. Through dynamic and structured development planning that focuses on strengths as opposed to development needs

3. Through Coaching dialogues

4. Through using continuous feedback and accountability

5. By clarifying and re-clarifying Performance vs Potential


The challenge of ensuring continual measurement of Performance vs Potential was summed up in a quote from Marshall Goldsmith: “What got you here won’t get you there”.

Mattone emphasised: “Don’t tell people they are a ‘High Potential’ as that can suggest they are in line for promotion or even a pay rise. Give them opportunities to develop and grow into future leaders. It is a responsibility’”.

I particularly enjoyed hearing: “Performance Management NEVER stops and must be a ‘joint’ process and not “top-down”. In other words, it is a collective responsibility!! Not just managers or those in leadership positions ….

During the day we explored interactively with other delegates talent assessment tools as well as case studies on individual assessment reports requiring feedback and a development dialogue.

Mattone’s perspective about the correlation between Strategic Succession Planning and the Operating success of businesses was a critical point during the day. Creating an effective leadership pipeline is imperative:

To ensure business and commercial success we must link Development and Succession Planning closely to the Operating requirements of the business.

It was no surprise when Mattone highlighted that so often Career Development frameworks /Succession Planning processes remain static and don’t always consider the competencies and operating requirements to build and optimise future performance


Organised by Innoverto Events Management, an interesting and informative day that served to highlight the critical factor of effective and STRATEGIC Leadership of Talent Development for future success!

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