Jairek Robbins – Achieving Rapid Results! 5 Key Learnings

Jairek Robbins, the son of Anthony Robbins joined a crowd in Dubai in June.


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Learn it, Live it, Give it”

Jairek takes the Dubai stage for the first time and shares how with a clear focus in your mind you can achieve rapid results.

Here are my top 5 key learning:

1. Ask yourself more quality questions.

Here are 3 quality questions that will keep you focused, inspired and clear on what you need to do in order to achieve your daily results.

  1. What specifically do I want to achieve?
  2. Why do I want to achieve it?
  3. What do I need to do in order to achieve it?

2. KNOW what your absolute ideal day looks like. The way to create an extraordinary quality of life is to design each day on YOUR TERMS! I found that my ideal day was very little to do with money but more about relationships and spending time in experiences. I found that many of these things we can start doing immediately. I became conscious of what I wanted to bring more of into my day. I found myself asking, what do I have to do to adjust my everyday life?

3. Look at ALL areas of your life.

– Health

– Relationships

– Finances

– Emotions

– Family

– Professional Life

Know where you are at in each area from a score of 1-10 (10 being the optimal level you can be) and decide where you want to be. Addressing your life as a whole has a far greater impact in achieving your goals as each area impacts another

4. Add emotionally charged reasons why you want to achieve a certain goal. Unless you know WHY you want what you want your goal will always be far in the distance. To create rapid results the WHY is the most powerful. What is that bigger reason that makes your goal incredibly important?

5. The ltimate fulfillment is when you GIVE. When your work is about serving and not just about your self, you will create far greater success. Ask yourself how do you serve others in your business?

6. LIVE your message – “Learn it, Live it, Give it”. This is the philosophy Jairek Robbins lives by.


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