January Spotlight: Husain Makyia Co- Founder YouGotaGift.com Dubai







1.     Tell us about you, your experience and time in the Middle East.

I am a passionate entrepreneur and love dedicating my time to building
useful companies. I was one of the founding members of Zawya.com and
now I simultaneously work on three different online ventures. These
include Laimoon.com, RoundMenu.com, and YouGotaGift.com. Additionally
I am highly committed to helping young entrepreneurs succeed and grow
as professionals in whatever their interest or passion is for.

2.     How would you describe the culture of your business?

I am directly involved in the day-to-day activities at YouGotaGift.com
and I set out to build a unique business for the region with a
compelling value proposition. Our office is a mix of different
cultures and backgrounds. In a nutshell the culture is young, driven,
and rewarding. It encompasses the passion that these young
professionals have for success and to be part of something unique in
the market.

3.     How easy is it for your employees to reach out to you?

I aim to be very approachable and open to ideas and guidance. My team is the future of this company. I am looking to grow leaders so they can lead the company in to the future without my direct involvement. I want it to be their company. That would be the ultimate achievement for me.

4.     What are your biggest challenges in the next 5 years?

The biggest challenge now and in the future is to grow YouGotaGift.com
into a company recognized in the GCC region as the leading
digital Gift Card distribution company in the region.

5.     What is your philosophy?

My philosophy is to believe in what I do, and empower my team to achieve their objectives through trust and hardwork. With a shared vision and
objectives we all strive for a common goal and that is the success of
the company.

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