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The person behind ‘business en motion’

With formative years spent in my native Australia, adventure was in my DNA. Some would describe it as youthful stupidity yet I always yearned to push my limits. Being at one with nature was central to all that I achieved along the journey from innocence to wisdom. From feeding the possums and kookaburras at the bus stop on the way to school, through to experiencing arctic, desert and aquatic extremes, I blazed trails that nourished the very depths of my soul, while igniting a need for more.

I couldn’t have planned my career any better than it has played out, with curiosity fueling every step of the way; it’s amazing how each career step set up the next. My first career was the teaching profession which allowed me to gain solid core employ-ability skills (organization, presentation and spatial awareness skills for group motivation) which I transferred into the business world of hospitality. That transported me into regional and international experiences where diversity presented to me so many learning opportunities to maximize and honour difference. With the resulting resourcefulness and resilience, I garnered the courage to enter the world of entrepreneurship 15 years ago and now only work with what I love; moving businesses and leaders ahead through change, offering services of learning, coaching and consultancy.

Til today, progression and performance, curiosity and challenge remain key drivers for what matters most, that being learning and change. It’s no surprize that these are central to my business success of today.

Tell us about your time in the Middle East?

My need for adventure has strengthened in direct correlation with the spectrum of cultural opportunities this vast region offers. My 25 years in the Middle East has been utterly life changing, empowering and full of surprizes providing so many insights from which I still draw today. Thankfully my curiosity prioritized a ‘first look’ of all surrounding countries in my first few years here (all except Yemen unfortunately). That provided an amazing kaleidoscope of first-time learnings – seeing mosques and churches sharing walls in Damascus, gracefully receiving the joys of Arabic hospitality in remote Jordanian village homes and experiencing nuances one may never see elsewhere. I have grown exponentially, adding an appreciation for diversity, a wonder for its virtues along with a strong sense of humility.

How would you describe the culture of ‘business en motion’?

I cannot breathe if I’m not learning, and when that learning comes through and with clients, healthy and strong professional relationships evolve. Clients of ‘business en motion’ are filtered and selected, with the first criteria aligned to open minds to learning. Our culture exists in a bubble of continuous improvement, connectivity and transparency, with hours spent on applying lessons learned.

Not only do I grow through client interactions but also my own professional development. My business investment mirrors my need for growth, thereby reflecting our cultural priority to change. Some illustrative examples include when:

  • I became a Certified Master of The Leadership Challenge to grow through its leadership practices while holding myself accountable to its leadership behaviors.
  • I became certified with the ORSC methodology, to experience the absolute joy that is embedded deep within diversity
  • I spent ten years developing a hybrid model of change called Pivot which revolves around structured curiosity and repurposing

What is your own ‘life and leadership’ philosophy?

I am a hard-core adventurist – life itself is an adventure, my business is an adventure, my every day is an adventure. I interpret life’s nudges as signposts for betterment so I commit to intuitively tapping into their life-force. I believe you must demonstrate you received the nudge, act the best you can with it and the rest will emerge. Demonstrate a commitment to learning and ‘becoming more’ – always.  Live, learn and lead in the moment. Appreciate nothing is final or finished but yet moving towards its next stage of evolution. That spirit is what powered my progress through the recent COVID-19 lockdown, a time of great development, learning and growth for me.

How does this philosophy nourish the region’s talent requirements?

Being our authentic selves allows us to show up well. When being authentic, you can display vulnerability without threat or fear, you can say ‘I don’t know, yet I’m keen to find out’ and you can work from a space of service, with shared values and open minds as a key source of power.

Today’s talent seems to have become de-programmed away from being authentic to becoming what the system demands, resulting in performance struggles and work being ‘all too hard’. Teams require trust to be reinstalled, and organizations require ownership and pride.

It’s time to reconnect. Adopt interaction priorities and purpose-driven process initiatives over disconnected, isolated activity-driven initiatives. Learn together and change together for common goals and common good. Indeed, its apt we end this interview here, as the driving force behind the birth of ‘business en motion’ all those years ago was, and still is, to reduce the amount of disconnection in the workplace.

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