Leading with Soul and Compassion A Conversation Gaj Ravichandran with Rohit Bassi UAE

Gaj and Rohit get together to discuss Leadership from a perspective of acting from our soul. When we connect to our soul, and our heart, we can begin to work with compassion in how we lead.

In this conversation Gaj and Rohit both heart based consultants, they discuss this topic and how it can bring feelings of discomfort to a business focussed individual. They discuss how being in the flow we are lifted into a state of non – judgment, non duality, which taps into leading with compassion and connected with your higher self. It’s the difference between being a HUMAN BEING and a human doing.

If you’d like to watch Gaj and Rohit discuss this fascinating topic and get your JIGRA going, then sign in and watch by clicking the link here:

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