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If you have done a training, learning seminar with 2blimitless or ever have received a piece of
written piece of coaching feedback from us  you will be aware of the concept that I
share – ‘living above the line’.
It is an idea that I have developed through working with the
best who have a genuine focus on being the best!

Simplicity, which I define as depth around the priorities, has lead me to
refining this concept more and more in order to give it real meaning and
So what does it mean to live above the line?

_____________________ The Line


‘The focus is to live above the line!’

In order to give this concept real impact it is important to understand the

Ownership : a genuine choice to take something on from A-Z – ownership is
all about making a positive choice.

Accountability : is all about the outcome – making a genuine commitment to
what you want it to look like in the end.

Responsibility : is all about the ‘optimistic’ actions that join your
choices and outcomes.

This is what living and working above the line looks like.

However, there is a space that we know as ‘below the line’ and it takes away
control and is the home of procrastination, frustration and disappointment.

What does below the line look like?

Blame : to externalise the issues and focus on the factors that one ‘cannot
control’ rather than the things that you can.

Excuses : non-action, a real focus on the ‘but and because’ reasons why
something has not happened as opposed to the ‘optimistic’ actions that shift

Denial : non-engagement, a touching the surface approach to life that leads
to a real ‘distancing’ from the things that matter most in building great

As we enter this week and indeed continue to race towards the end of this
year I challenge you to develop a real ‘above the line focus’ around your
goals and objectives!

Key Questions

What is the one key area where you want to make a positive choice around ? (Ownership)
What do you want it to look like in the end? (Accountability)
What are the key ‘optimistic’ actions that will get you there? (Responsibility)
* It is important to remember that many of these actions will also have a
next step. As the great book ‘Getting Things Done’ by David Allen suggests you need to be
thinking about your ‘what’s next’ when you are planning your actions.

Remember, living above the line is about ‘sustainability’ so time is a key
element. Make a plan and give yourself the time and space to be successful.

MIck Todd

Director of coaching and Training

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