Living Through Self Compassion – Rohit Bassi CEO ROI Talks Dubai

I always love to read books by local MENA authors and this is no exception. In his book Rohit explores how we can often reject our own success, through listening to our darker mind who prods and jabs us with self doubt, feelings of being a fraud and that someday we;ll be found out. Is a tale of a life lived such as most of us do. Fortunately for Rohit he found his solutions. He shares with us his antidote in the hope that his reflections on his own life will somehow resonate. Being Kind to ourselves, having self empathy is often quite difficult as we see ourselves through the messages of our young self. Available in Local Book Stores now.

Rohit Bassi

“Have you given up on yourself, peace, trust or faith?” I had. I had been living a life of quiet desperation, depression, and destruction. Due to my self sabotaging ways my marriage had ended. Many times, my reputation as a successful writer and speaker felt like a lie. I had succumbed to self-destructive behaviour until I found and applied the antidote.I write this book, dear reader, to serve another who is feeling as I felt. This book is an offering with my love and absolute sincere compassion. I know how deeply it can hurt and how liberating (and beautiful) it can feel when you can heal yourself and serve others. This is not a book about what you should do. It is a book about loving your own life, being authentic and joyful. It is about moving from surviving towards ‘striving and thriving’.Compassion truly is the antidote to depression, desperation and destruction.

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