Living Through Self- Compassion – Rohit Bassi ROI Talks Dubai

Living Through Self Compassion – Illuminate Your Life With Peace, Trust & Faith: Unshackle Yourself From Quiet Desperation, Depression & Destruction is a mini handbook of self help written from personal experience of Rohit Bassi of ROI talks.

Rohit’s patterns of self-sabotage, destructive habits lead him to re-evaluate his life and through a journey of self-help, self -discovery he is able to turn his life around to become a best-selling author , speaker and guide to heling others find their own success story.

His journey to personal success has brought him a higher emotional wisdom, better listening abilities, heightened critical thinking and speaking skills that have enabled him to reach out to a wider audience who are seeking their own success criteria.

Rohit contends that compassion in our lives is the key to success, as embedded within its powerful lexicology, lies llove, joy, passion, peace and truth, which to the practitioner of compassion leads to happiness and success.

Rohit points out that one of the biggest challenges we face in our lives is failure, it being our very worst nightmare. This nightmare is where Rohit found himself, when his life seemed to descend into an abyss of self -doubt and devastation of confidence.

Rohit sows the seeds of hope for the reader, when he writes that nothing stays forever if we are willing to take the steps to discover ourselves, through self- reflection and self – compassion. Having trust in the universe and a knowing that all will be well brings us peace within.

Rohit provides a few simple, yet powerful exercises to help us find self – compassion. You are invited to practice them for 108 days. !08 being the number that connects science with the mind, body and spirit.

This little booklet provides a powerful toolto help you tale those few steps to ” Living your Life with Compassion.”

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