May Spotlight: Giulia Buttery CEO OEM Optimal Excellence Model

  1. About me and my experience of the Middle East:

I have over 25 years experience working globally at Director and Board Level in diverse and challenging industry sectors, including advising governments in post-conflict countries.

My experience includes over 15 years in the Oil and Gas industry working as part of the C-Suite and leading a portfolio of major upstream projects in Africa worth $47 billion for super-major IOC’s.

I am the Founder of OEM-Excellence Consultants specialising in designing agile organisations that align to business strategic direction, holistic learning hubs and empowered networked teams.

My experience of the Middle East has been a mixture of warmth and generosity from the people here. I am also struck by the vision and inspirational mindset that makes this region stand out against any other in the globe.

  1. How would I describe my business and its’ culture

We are Business Optimization Experts working globally and regionally in diverse industry sectors which include Energy, Construction, Aviation, Technology, Legal, Retail, Investment Finance, and of course the Public Sector.

Our culture and commitment to our esteemed clients is to achieve “Excellence” via our trademark Optimum Excellence frameworks, so that your Vision, Mission and Goals are easily met, your organizational environment flourishes and you stay ahead of your competitors!

Our culture is to work inclusively as a team and partner with the client so that they get maximum value from our joint achievements. This differentiates us from the large consultants who have a ‘cookie-cutter’ approach to delivering consultancy frameworks.

  1. What is my biggest challenge in the next five years?

I don’t really think of it as a challenge more of an opportunity. My plan for the next five years is to grow the business in a way that adds value to our clients. One of our current opportunities is that we are working closely with Governments in the Oil and Gas industry globally to building local content and capacity plans that will heal the skills gap that has existed for years. I see this as an exciting opening to building a business that makes a difference to the people we work with.

  1. What guilia the skills and competencies needed in order to meet the Region’s Talent Requirements?

I believe we are now beyond the concept of delivering training courses alone as a way of up-skilling workforces. High performing businesses are demanding a more holistic approach to Learning and Development to respond to their market and competitors. This includes, building highly responsive teams via agile organizational design, creating holistic learning hubs that align with performance to maximize learning investment as well as identifying Leaders and Subject Matter Experts within teams to lead work-streams whilst cascading knowledge are the critical success factors required to respond to todays’ disruptive business environment.

  1. What is my philosophy?

My experience of delivering high value projects in complex industries has proved that working amongst diverse, all–inclusive teams is the way we succeed not only in work, but in life too. We are basically all in it together, so let’s work together!




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