Becoming a Media Partner

Why partner with Chief Learning Officer Middle East (CLO-ME)?

With over 5000+ subscribers from the HR and L&D community and growing fast, CLO-ME is a great platform to partner with, and it’s absolutely FREE.

Join those showcased on this site as well as our partners’, your event or media will be visible to all members and partners. We don’t even need an agreement but if you insist CLICK HERE to see a draft that you can edit and use with us

Why is it FREE to partner?

CLO-ME is a non profit organisation with a sole purpose to give back to its members and the growing community of professionals in HR and L&D in the Middle East region . Anything that has an interest and adds value to our members will be promoted for the good of our industry

Who should partner with us

Typically it would be any organisation promoting an event, exhibition or conference that has relevance to an HR & Talent development professional. It could also be any organisation that offers employment opportunities within our industry

What do we do to become a partner with CLO-ME ?

We have a short and simple draft agreement indicating what each of the roles and activities of each party should be see an example here. It could be either for a single event or a series of events over a period of time i.e an annual agreement.