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Imagine a soccer team striving to win in a competitive league.  But the team has no data about how many goals they’ve scored, or even who’s a great striker versus defender.  What are their chances for success?  Crazy – yet that’s the way most organizations are playing today.  No clear data on performance and how results are generated.

Performance: Powered by People, Fueled by Vitality

A Vital Organization is one where people are meaningfully engaged in doing the work that matters.

How do we get there? Three key principles leaders can follow to increase vitality; Measure it, fuel it, direct it.


Vitality drives success. How can you build a vital organization where people are motivated and energized by a sense of common purpose? Start by measuring the five vital signs driving performance: Trust, Motivation, Change, Teamwork and Innovation.


Vitality is life force – it’s the people energy that drives the “wow”. How can you fuel your organization’s human energy? People will only give 110% if they feel trust and buy-in. If we want to create change, we have to create a positive emotional climate which inspires performance.


Organizations which use the tools of emotional intelligence beat the competition every time. To propel your people-powered machine, make sure managers are getting the right insight – based on the right data – to build and direct the team.

Here’s how you can increase vitality in your organization and in your people:

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Learn to measure and develop Organizational Vitality

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