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Motivation is a key responsibility of those in leading roles. Lack of employee motivation not only affects business performance but also leads to disengaged employees looking elsewhere. The costs to replace a staff member can be far more than to keep them. Here are some ways to keep your staff engaged and motivated at work:

Value – What value do you place on keeping your employees happy? Employees want to feel valued and recognised for their contributions. Praise is simple yet we sometimes forget to give it. If you notice someone doing a good job, let him know. Make people feel valued and respected for what they do. Give a balanced feedback on performance.
Instrumentation – Do your employees have the right tools and resources to be successful at work? Even with the best will in the world, without the proper resources, it can  become  very  frustrating and demotivating. Managers need to communicate to their staff frequently to ensure the right tools are  available. Planning and  budgeting can alleviate issues on performance and motivation. Take time to plan and communicate with employees. Tools also come in the form of support and guidance and encouragement.
Success – Are employees likely  to be  successful? Sometimes they fear  the risk  of failure  because  they do not receive  the right support. Employees  who  feel supported remain loyal and committed to their organisation. Managers  can  show  support through effective communication, regular feedback and coaching. They can also provide developmental opportunities through training and mentoring to build skills and confidence.
As a leader, think about these three elements and ask yourself  what aspects prevent you  from  motivating your  employees. Respect and value, the right tools and resources, and influence will pay dividends in retaining your best assets – your people.

The writer is Managing Director, Quantum Human Resource Consultancy

Handy Hints

Start focusing on the ‘we’ mindset when talking to staff
Spend more time inspiring and less time micro-managing
Offer training that pushes them to climb the career ladder

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