New Book – Find and Empower Your Inner You: John Robins Great Impressions

John Robins former UAE resident, who you can read about in our December Spotlight, re-located to the US after many years, and has written – along with contributor Trey Wilson –  this compelling guide to living a successful, happy, and stress-free life.

John describes “Living”  as being  an art. Most people are unaware of this. We are born, grow up, and go about our day-to-day activities without any formal training on how to make the most of our lives. Our parents coach us based on their experiences, and schools attempt an academic education. For the rest, we assume we have to make it up and learn as we go. No wonder we don’t do a good job. So many people feel stress, anxiety, and sadness. The solution is to learn and practice the art of living, the same way we learn and practice any skill to become good at it.

This book is a practical step-by-step guide to learning how to live a successful, happy, stress-free life.

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