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  1. Tell us about you, your experience and time in the Middle East.

I have been in the ME for more than 20 years, with my first employment with Emirates Airline.  I worked across several functions, growing and learning and getting many opportunities to expand my depth and breath of knowledge and skills as the airline grew. My last role at Emirates saw me managing a portfolio of training departments including HR training, Performance Management Training,among others, managing and overseeing 51 staff at various levels of the organisation.  After leaving Emirates, I started Quantum Human Resource Consultancy, a boutique Human Resource Consultancy that provides HR services and Training to both SME and large corporations.  I recently returned to Quantum following an 18 mths period to support Abu Dhabi Global Market (ADGM), a new financial centre in the capital to set up it HR department from scratch. My experience has taken me to many places across the full human capital cycle, and across various industries.  I hold a Masters in Training and Development among other professional qualification and currently undertaking the learning route to Membership with CIPD – UK

2. How would you describe the business culture of the Middle East.

Having had many years in the UAE, I believe that the business culture is constantly evolving. We meet many highly qualified and dynamic professionals, both local and international  who are adding to this vibrant business culture.  The growth of Dubai and other parts of the Middle East has created an environment for innovation, creativity and diversity. The rich diversity has also enabled our employees learn from others and share ideas.  We are also lucky to have visionary leaders in the UAE who support this culture.


We are a small company so we work very closely as a team.  As an organisation we have a reputation for quality and have therefore built up a good network with organisations across the UAE.

  1. What are your biggest challenges in the next 5 years?

The challenges we are likely to face in the next 5 years is ensuring that we maintain our reputation as a quality service provider. The growth in the region and the demand for quality, high calibre employees is becoming more challenging.

  1. What is your philosophy?

Create your own tomorrow! Every individual has the power to create a future that enables them to shine.  Planning and learning are key.  Organisations can no longer guarantee employment for a lifetime, and most people don’t want to have a ‘ job for life’ – an old philosophy.  Its about growing and learning to ensure that the future remains bright.  If your environment changes, you can change your environment through a new opportunity in your organisation or outside.

Roisin Wadding
Managing Director – Quantum Human Resource Consultancy
United Arab EmiratesHuman Resources


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