Part 3: Globalisation, Complexity and Change: Challenges for Chief Learning Officers

Part 3: How CLOs can keep up with the increasing rate of change.

In this third part, Charles Jennings writes regarding the rapidly changing world we are all experiencing and it’s impact on businesses and increasing challenges for CLOs. He comments on the realisation that we must all have come to, that life is indeed speeding up, with change being the rule rather than the exception.  Charles quotes , “It is said that one of our minutes is like one of our parents’ hours and one of our grandparents’ days”. While the the rate of change varies across business areas, the trend is clear: It is accelerating.

So the challenge facing CLO’s is a stark one, writes Charles—how to ensure that workforce skills and capabilities keep pace with this increasing rate of change in working environments. In other words, how can CLOs ensure that the rate of learning is faster than the rate of change impacting workers?

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