People Join Organizations but Leave their Manager! says Debbie Nicol

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People Join Organizations but Leave their Manager!   Why are corporations spending so much money, time and effort on new programmes and technologies to increase staff retention when the answer is right in front of our eyes – pure and unadulterated care, growth and connection to purpose and service, the same that keeps us engagedLeadership is the one and only global retention strategy I stand by!


Caring is really about showing genuine interest and attention – for no intention of self gain but rather for goodwill to maintain a great relationship!  Care is a quality that stems from feeling comfortable and seeing the role of service to others as important.  It has been said that ‘care’ is an acronym for ‘create a relationship everytime’

What are the indicators of care, whether you speak of the care a dry cleaner places on treating clothes,the care  a child gets from a mother,  or a leader to a follower. Undoubtedly a bond is formed, one that allows both parties to feel and look good, so further investment is not even discussed – it simply happens alongside a healthy and wholesome respect for each other.

What drives this care is belief – belief in the intention of the other party!  That belief may have grown over time or exist intuitively. Either way, credibility is the key to success in leadership, that which buys belief and trust, time and time again.  The belief is personal and with that at the core of care, results simply flow from it.

This article is written by Debbie Nicol of Business en Motion, Dubai

People Join Organizations but Leave their Manager!   An employee quite often is too far removed from the top levels of the organization, so is more often seeking that genuine care from their own manager.


Growth is an innate desire, one that human beings seek on an everyday basis, consciously or otherwise.  Toddlers crawl to grow their reach and adults travel to grow perspectives.  This curiosity and desire to improve and achieve is the growth component that people respond to.

How many times do we hear others complain: ‘I’m bored’ or ‘I keep doing the same thing’ or ‘I’m not learning anything new’ or ‘They wont let me go as I’m too good in my current position’. All of these are pills for employee turnover and disengagement, and certainly not retention!

Through teaching we ourselves learn; learn about others as well as ourselves!  According to Kouzes and Posner, the best leaders are the best learners, so why would anyone wish to leave when they are learning, upgrading, re-skilling and re-aligning.  Most of all, the growth will benefit all parties including the organization – a valuable win-win for all!  There’s no better legacy to an organization than to forge our own redundancy through the transference of our own skills to others.

People Join Organizations but Leave their Manager!   An employee expects to grow in any position and will use this as his ultimate measure of your leadership!


Connection is that invisible bond that glues us together, helps things flow and has minds open and seeking more.

A great retention strategy is all about ensuring people have no interest in looking elsewhere, even if it comes knocking on your door.  Most organizations are challenged when it comes to connection with self (especially the mangers), others, with the vision itself and to the business community or society.

People Join Organizations but Leave their Manager!   Disconnected managers breed disconnected work environments!

Leaders – take note! We are only a leader if others think we are!  What else do people want other than a sense of belonging and engagement – how can this possibly exist without genuine care, growth and connection.  Who said a degree was needed to be a manager or leader?

If we compare  this to Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs, the three ‘retention strategies’ of care, growth and connection are simple basic needs!  Is it time we go back to basics, as without them in place, our own and unique self-actualization roles will never be able to shine nor contribute, to either our workplace or society.  So  could there ever be a better time than now to go back to basics?  Leadership is the one and only global retention strategy I stand by!



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