September Spotlight: Nikhila Ramesh Potent Family Dubai


1.Tell us about yourself

My name is Nikhila & I was born and brought up in Dubai, UAE. I grew up watching my father Dr. S K Ramesh blossom and shift his career from being an orthopaedic surgeon to practicing innovative self- realized natural wellbeing and healing methods .He wanted to reach to the core, the root cause of disease. No matter what aspect of life, when you are not at ease, it’s known as DIS-EASE.

After completing my undergraduate and gaining industry experience in the US, I joined hands with my father in 2013 to achieve our goals and take our company, DRPF Worldwide forward. It was the perfect fit to my personality and life’s purpose.

2. What is your purpose of life or vision?

My vision is to help people reach their highest potential and make themselves happy. Because I believe when you are happy, you are in a state of completion and fulfillment

3.How would you describe your business and its culture?

Well, everything has a story and experience behind it. Through my father’s long journey, he was enlightened and since then has developed several transformational tools, trainings and techniques to heal oneself from within, by tapping into the unknown anatomy of the heart.

We all seek that something that will make a radical change to our own unique wheel of life, be it business, career, health, money, family, friends, growth, relationships and much more. It is a craving that takes us on a journey of discovery. We all are looking for a solution that will help us achieve our dreams, purpose, goals or calling.

Our aim is to guide others in all of the above because each one of us has the ability to transform ourselves. In simple terms, each one of us needs to strengthen our Awareness, Consciousness and Energy in order to Manifest, Enrich and Fulfill all aspects of our lives. It is an organized step-by-step way to create “The Eternal YOU “ and the KEY to De-programing ones self.

3. Is your work primarily based in the Middle East or elsewhere?

Yes, our company has a presence in the Middle East and across several other countries such as, Mongolia, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Belgium, Poland, Switzerland, India and more to come.

4. What are some of the challenges you have faced?

We have faced challenges big and small in every market. Every country has a different culture and mind-set that we need to adapt to whether it’s the nature of our business, how our business is portrayed, the pricing and more. Nevertheless, all the challenges have helped us grow and improve.

Moreover, word of mouth has been the best way for us to attract clients.

Our biggest challenge is to reach out to larger audiences or several countries at one time in order to help people become independent and not dependent. We want the results that people want. Experience is the only truth and I would encourage you to experience your true self and your full potential.

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