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Have you ever stopped to consider the power of language? We think of language as a means of communication and it certainly is that, it connects us. However, language also has the ability to transform our experience from dull to exciting, and in a customer service setting this is key.


Language really underpins all components of customer satisfaction. If we consider the words of Ludwig Wittgenstien, “The limits of my language means the limits of my world,” the implication becomes clear. Language training can empower people beyond their present limitations and thus improve their customer service which in turn influences customer satisfaction and drives business.

Are you killing your customer service with the language mistakes your employees make?

Consider these two examples from a hotel, which would you prefer your customers to hear? And what would their perceptions be of your hotel if your employees were saying this?

Example 1: “I’ll show you the swimming pool in the backside of the beach”

Example 2: “Let me show you the swimming pool, it’s at the back of the hotel overlooking the beach”

Surely it stands to reason that the impact of how and what we communicate can be very profound for others.

The importance of good communication in the service encounter has been demonstrated by many researchers. Research into communication and customer behavior has shown that it influences both how the consumers perceive the service they receive as well as their purchasing behavior.

So what’s the solution to improve communication? Could it be as simple as improving English skills to boost business performance?

Author: Lize Rech, Assistant Director, Dynamic Language

Lize is Assistant Director of Dynamic Language and holds a BA Education and BA (Hons) in TESOL. She has over 19 years experience as an educator, working with all ages. Lize has extensive experience designing Language programs and teaching English and German to corporate clients in the Middle East.

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