Spotlight May – International – Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy chatting with PMG

Paul Michael Gledhill chats with Brian Tracy

Still rock n rollin’ Leadership and motivation

It was one of my first sales for XpertLearning when National bank of Dubai purchased Brian Tracy DVDs about 11 years ago. These days even Brian agrees that DVDs get locked away in draws and cupboards and the new modality is online video on demand that can be tracked to see who saw it, when they saw it, and what are their thoughts and comments about it are. Add to that a a little quiz and you can also track who learned it and a quick feedback form can help you gauge how they used and applied what they learned. This is the kind of learning culture most successful business is looking for these days as they continue to search for ROI for learning that gives direct business results

It was great to see that Brian had ditched his acetate style of presentations to the more contemporary PowerPoint slides but it was certainly not death by ppt

Brian’s anecdotes are contextual and practical as he weaves from sales to leadership. His sense of humour is sharp as a tack and he clearly is having far too much fun to contemplate retirement at least for the foreseeable future. For me he is pure inspiration. The guy at 70 is as formidable as he was when I first saw him many moons ago.

His “One day MBA” tour will take him through the Middle East and Asia and I feel sure he will be just as good at the end of the tour as he was in the beginning in Dubai

If you get a chance go and see him I know I will see him again when he returns next time around soon

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For Right Selectons who brought him to the region

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