Spotlight October 2019 Colin Johansen Executive Coach Dubai

  1. CJ you wrote for us some years ago re your experience in the UAE and described then your work in Saudi.Tell us about your experience and time in working in Saudi Arabia all those years?

Having worked in the UAE as an Executive Coach since 2006, I was approached in 2011 by a large financial organisation in Saudi Arabia to coach their senior executives, since then I have worked with over 200 executives in that institution as well as a number of other organisations in both the private and public sector.

In 2011 I described Saudi Arabia as the sleeping giant of the Gulf, in the time since then the “Sleeping Giant’ has certainly awoken.

2. How would you describe the changes you have witnessed?

The changes I have observed over the last five years have been nothing but dramati

Obviously, the well-publicized changes such as the changes affecting women in the kingdom, such as the ability to drive, relaxation of the Guardian laws and encouragement for women to enter the workforce and to become entrepreneurs have had a huge effect on the population. It should also be noted that there is a more fundamental change happening in The Kingdom, a realization that they exist in the Global environment and need to open up the country to the rest of the world and to play its part in the global economy.

  1. What are the biggest challenges in the next 5 years?

Saudi Arabia have established their Vision 2030, which encompasses major changes under three major pillars, a vibrant society, a thriving economy and an ambitious nation. Under these pillars are a raft of initiatives focused on all areas of the country. Vision 2030 is an ambitious plan that has the support of the people. The challenge is to see the implementation of the Vision 2030 it is an ambitious plan but the signs are already there that it is coming to fruition.

  1. What are the skills and competencies that are needed to meet the region’s talent requirements?

Many organisation are still structured in a traditional top down management style, a major change to a more inclusive, diversified and participative culture will bring about the changes required for each employee to play a role in the organisation and encourage the engagement and innovation that will reflect the Vision 2030 and take the organisation to a more global perspective.

The Kingdom has a immense wealth of talent, the development of this talent is key to the future success of the country.

5) What is your Philosophy?

Love what you do and you can notice the effectiveness of the results.

HR along with Learning and Development must aim to be a consulting partner with a proactive approach to developing the talent of the organization. Creating programs that would drive innovation and support the sustainability of the business.


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