Spotlight on AzureCharters a Dubai Moored Learning Platform










Tell us about you, your experience and time in the Middle East?



I am relatively new to the United Arab Emirates waters having been brought here by my current owner, to be refitted and prepared for Learning Charters and functions. I was refitted in Abu Dhabi and now I am finally moored now in DIMC near the Dhow restaurant.  I am currently hosting companies who may want a different location for a corporate board meeting, Teambuilding and provide an alternative for clients who would like to literally get away from it all in the calm gulf waters of the UAE coast.



2.         How would you describe the culture of your business?


It more about the culture of getting away from the fast paced life of the corporate environment, where clients can come on board a beautifully fitted out sailing ship. I like to think I provide a place to re-focus the mind, provide a space for extra-curricular activities or just, provide a space for reward and recognition for employees or educational establishments etc.  I think I can help provide the right space to help companies deliver their message.


3.         How easy is it for you to get direct access to the decision makers in your company?


Because I am such a beautifully decked boat I find that corporate clients want to enjoy an unusual place for rewarding and recognising high performing teams, or for deals to be closed. Last November we hosted an F1 team after their race just to unwind in private.


4.       What are your challenges for the next 5 years?


            I can see that competition will become stronger as the pace sets up for 2020, however we think we will enjoy growth as there is always a need for a beautiful niche location for what we are providing.  We really feel we would like clients to experience the beauty and calm of being on a lovely traditional yacht, so our challenge will be to maintain our standards of service and safety.

If you need more information about hiring the  boat for a learning intervention please send a mail to or respond below in the comments box






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