Spotlight on Joanna Dawson Kompass Consultancy Dubai

1)     Tell us about you, your experience and time in the Middle East?

I have been based in the Middle East since 2005 and have worked across the region as well as in other markets such as Russia and China within previous roles.

My experience has been vastly diverse and challenging within the context of leading and communicating across often very complex environments where I have often needed to navigate situations very quickly.  Working internationally for over 10 years has been vastly simulating as you learn so much about cultures and have to be very agile, adapting to your context and within all the interactions you have with people.  The Middle East, with its emerging number of markets has offered numerous opportunities to support the education and development of people and this in itself has been one of the biggest and most rewarding challenges.  The privilege of sharing knowledge and best practice from my now 25 years + experience during the last decade has been second to none.

2)     How would you describe the culture of your business?

Our business is a Talent Management consultancy and we are committed to inspiring people, teams and organisations to find both performance and career success.  Much of our work and practice pivots around coaching and mentoring in order to facilitate learning and development.  We personalise everything we do and take time to understand the context from which people are coming from.  With a developing international portfolio we embrace diversity and work hard to ensure we engage people in the right way with the upmost integrity which comes first and foremost from a position of understanding the challenges people are facing and the support that is necessary.  Much of our work is transformational in its approach with the demands of managing change and transition, often on a global or international scale.  With the spirit of ‘openess’ our dialogue is transparent and authentic which ensures  relevance in what we do as well as often a very practical approach.

3)     What are the biggest challenges in the next 5 years? Developing an international portfolio of clients and integrating our solutions with modern technologies.  At the same time, responding to a global talent pool that is increasingly under pressure to be more agile and work within increasingly complex environments that often demand significant change as well as cultural shifts.4)     What are the skills and competencies that you would need to train in order to meet the region’s talent requirements?

4) What are the Key Skills and Competencies that are needed going forward?
Key skills and competencies would be:
– Communication
– Managing and working with diversity
– Cultural intelligence
– Facilitation and training
– Coaching and Mentoring
– Strategic Learning and Development: processes and systems especially

5)  What is your Philosophy?

“Success comes when people find what they are passionate about and focus on that; when they’re reflective, intuitive and creative.”

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