Being The Ear In Fear To Hear Spirit, During Corona: A RAPTalk by Susan K Furness, Senior Associate, Edgewalkers International


The dictionary expanded in 2020
The likes of CoVid, Corona, Nuovo-Virus and the Curve
New words like new kids making their presence fast known

On every corner of every block, at first causing a block in understanding
Yet fast copulating information, like a block-chain in action
Sparking a common question to be spoken out loud

What on earth is happening? In London, in Baku, in Wuhan, in Auckland, in New York, in Milan and now rolling in India

Igniting conversation, stirring debate, diluting hate
Igniting camaraderie, stirring emotion, diluting inventory on supermarket shelves
Until ‘to grab’ was fast called out

As sharing becomes caring
And abundance becomes good health, a full heart and not a full cupboard
The Ear in Fear fast attunes our listening

As a world full of leaders exercises muscles long dormant
Straggling behind in the viral Marathon
As CoVid makes moves beating Beckham’s best bends

Pressing professors, peculating researchers, causing presidents and politicians to shine in the mis-art of pontification
Stressing economies, taking out businesses, making headlines but not breaking spirit

As corona flows, so spirit ferments
Attracting new communities to join in prayer in chapels on Zoom
Causing window kissing grandma to #trend way ahead of the heady days of window shopping
Positioning plucky pensioners as the new maestros of meaningful crowd funding

But, what on earth is happening?
What is happening on Earth?
Those who know they don’t know what they don’t know, know that this too will pass, it will all be alright in the end.
And, if it’s not all right, it’s not the end.
This time in time is the gift of a new beginning.